Cheap convertible cars

Cheap convertible cars for sale are either used convertible cars, soft-top 2-seater convertibles or rebuilt convertible cars. The cheapest hardtop cabriolets cost around $25,000-$30,000 (2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata, 2010 Volkswagen Eos), while the cheapest soft-tops may run about $18,000 (Smart Fortwo Cabriolet). Typical cheap convertibles seat just 2 persons. If you are going to drive with folded roof occasionally and you are a careful driver and you have another car and no bib family, a cheap used soft-top can be a great way to save and yet have the sun, the air and amazing views while driving. It will give you the least amount of trouble for relatively low cost.

Cheap Used Convertible cars

Some cheap used convertible cars for sale may be really good deals. However, beware of new cheap coabriolets, especially of hardtops that were registered in coastal or storm areas where foods and hurricanes are not uncommon and thousands of cars suffer water damage every year. Convertible cars are most popular in such areas among those who love to enjoy sun and coastal air. Please, note that eclectic equipment suffers most damage is cars that have been sunk in water, especially in salt water. Retractable hardtop roofs are power operated, so multiply this by the roof being the most fragile, hard to tune and prone to breakage part of the convertible car. And now multiply all this by the fact that it’s the roof you are primarily buying the coupe car for.

However, buying a used coupe may be tricky, for both hardtops and soft-tops. The cheapest choices are soft-top 2-seaters, also commonly referred to as sportcars, roadsters. However, such cars are recommended only as your second cars in the regions with changeable weather. You can have it as you primary car if you live in the region with hot climate. Soft-top convertibles have from poor to none weather and noise protection. Vinyl or textile roof wears down quickly. In addition, in a rollover accident the chances to to get away with minor injuries for the driver and the passengers of the a soft-top sportcar are slim, unless the convertible is equipped with bars that deploy behind the seats creating room for the head when the car is upside down. It is doubtful that a person buying a sport car is going to drive at snail’s pace, so be very cautions about safety specs, they are the weakest spot in a cheap roadster. The plastic rear-view windows become foggy fast, providing poor visibility.

Rebuilt salvages or accident cars may also be another way to buy a convertible car cheap. Be particularly cautious about hardtop convertibles if you want to go this way because roofs are very fragile and costly to repair.

The bottom line is: if you are buying a hardtop convertible as your only family car and want it really cheap, buy an normal car . Rigidity and safety of a convertible car don’t stand up against those of solid roof cars, and price difference is significant. you can easily rent a roofless car with the money you save whenever you need it. If you want a soft-top, buy just any that is cheap, has clean title, is in good mechanical condition and the soft roof is not worn. There is a lot of cheap soft top convertibles out there.

Cheap coupe car rental

Cheap cabriolets for rental may be a better option than buying a convertible of your own. A hired roadster can give you the opportunity to know what having and driving a cheap coupe car feels like and if the one is the right choice for your. You may want to have the roof retracted only during weekends or travels.

Cheap roadsters to insure

The easiest roadsters to insure are Chevrolet Corvette GS (which is also one of the cheapest options to buy), Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang GT.