Convertibles Under $5000

Convertible cars under $5000 aren’t so easy to find because price ranges for convertible cars are generally higher than for common cars, so the choice of really good models is quite limited.
Used convertibles for sale under $5000 are mostly soft-top convertibles or manually operated hard-tops. The age of the car will be around 15 years (which is, however, not a problem for time-proven models). Buying an automatic transmission will save you up to $2000.

Available Models

  • Convertible Cars Under $5000: Mazda MX-5 Miata Mazda MX-5 Miata (1999-2004). This car is generally among the cheapest and at the same time most favored and top rated soft-top convertibles. While the newer retractable hardtops of the same model will cost you something like $20000, soft tops aged 1999-2005 can be purchased for $4000-$5000. This one is more responsive on the road than other models in the same price range, gets overall positive responses and is frequently referred to as the best deal for the money.

  • Convertible Cars Under $5000: Chevrolet CamaroChevrolet Camaro (1997-1999) is another time-proven popular choice. Overall high customer satisfaction. Leaking roof is the most common issue. Cheap interior is probably another disadvantage. Less aggressive front than with other muscle-cars from the range. However, with the same money you can get newer models if you look at Mazda MX-5 Miata or Ford Mustang - the next on the list.

  • Convertible Cars Under $5000: Ford Mustang Ford Mustang (1998-2001 models) can be bought at a price-range $3700-$5000. The car has two major disadvantages: inferior interior with not very convenient drivers position and average handling characteristics. Probably not the best model for a woman for it’s rather crude characteristics. A muscle-car icon, Ford Mustang is a love-it-or-hate-it vehicle. No complaints concerning maintenance or unpredictable or unexpected issues from the owners, however, and for many this is the only convertible model they would have for a lifetime.

Rebuilt and Salvage Convertibles Under $5000.

Another option for those shopping for used roadsters under $5000 is salvage or rebuilt cars of later years or more expensive models. These can actually be purchased for this or even lower price. Just keep in mind the following:

  • You’ll have to invest in fixing the vehicle it it’s salvage and bot rebuilt yet.
  • Learn why the vehicle received a salvage title, get a VIN history report for that. If it’s a cosmetic overall damage (like from hail), then it can be a good buy as it is. After all, if you really want for have a convertible, like the car but is budget conscious at the moment, you can drive for some time with a few small indents or scratches, it’s not a big deal. A car with a major mechanical damage repairing which to an operable condition will cost you about as much as the purchase price or a flooded one if not a good buy.
  • If it’s a rebuilt title, again - find out why it was damaged and hire a mechanic to inspect it for your is you are not techie about cars. You need to make sure it was fixed properly and also all the extra servicing expenses to expect down the road.
  • Selling a rebuilt convertible car will not be easy. Even after investing is repairs and tuning, you still be able to sell it for under $5000.