Electric Convertible Cars For Kids

Choosing a Convertible?
Convertibles are more expensive to service and repair!
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Kids also love driving, no less than adults. And they want it for real, not just a toy car. And to their size so as to get to the pedals and the wheel easily. Too many requirements, but BMV met them all in their M3 and M6 electric convertible models for kids aged between 4 and 7.

BMW M6 and M3 Convertible for Kids

BMW M6 Convertible for KidsBMW M6 and M3 are the little dream cars which are the Ultimate Driving Machines that look as cool as their grown-up full-sized convertible counterparts, only scaled down: front and rear apron the same as in the adult original, metallic-blue paint, large rubber tires, adjustable seat and impressive M6 stickers. The similarity is so striking that finding just one seat in it is somewhat unexpected. BMW M6 for kids is a battery-powered electric car using two 6-Volt batteries sufficient for 1.5 hours of fast-paced driving. This mini sport car will give your kid real driving skills on a car that is almost similar to a real one, such as parking, passing turns and gates, etc.

Safety features:

  • Maximum speed 8 km/h in forward gear which can be reduced to 4 km/h by parents, and 4 km/h in reverse.
  • Dual-brake function which allows to brake while pressing the accelerator
  • Signal horn
  • Absence of sharp corners
  • Chassis from non-harmful plastic
  • Painted steel frame
  • Insulated electric components
  • Approved by Technical Inspection Agency

Other features:

  • Carries up to 50kg
  • Charging station, full charging time is 15 hours
  • Forward, reverse and idle gear
  • Adjustable seat for ideal driving position

BMW M3 and M6 for kids are also available as apedal-powered car with easy-turn pedals. This version gives your kid a better control of the road and minimizes the risk of accidents, especially is he or she is familiar with pedal bikes. Another advantage of the pedal version is that it cost half the price of the electric one. No retractable roofs though like in a real convertible car. However, to me, the price $259 for these masterpieces is really funny.

Disney Toy Story Convertible Cars for Kids

Probably, not as cool and close-to-real-ones as the above BMW model, these are way cheaper (except for Disney Cars Power Wheels Lightning McQueen 6-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-on) and are available in various models in any Walmart. However, the major disadvantage is the number of negative reviews about their functional properties, or rather total absence of any. In many instances, the fully-charged car just didn’t move becoming a total Christmas disappointment for both kids and parents. Take note of this.

Choosing a Convertible?
Convertibles are more expensive to service and repair!
Check your warranty options for FREE before you BUY!