Electric Convertible Cars

Electric convertible car models aren’t so numerous as fuel-powered convertibles. The major reason is the price. Convertible cars aren’t cheap, particularly hardtops, electric cars are way more expensive. The two combined multiplied by limited production promise to raise the price through the roof. However, the quality and performance features are well worth the money, especially for those whom zero emissions means not just passing routine yearly or bi-yearly inspections easily but also caring about the environment.

This page is a brief overview of electric cabrios available today.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster Electric ConvertibleTesla Roadster is the first electric convertible car to be built by Lotus in 2006 and is still in production with multiple technology upgrades. A lightweight car equipped with fabric roof and 3-phase 4-pole electric motorcc (300 BHP), it speeds up to 130+ mph (0-60mph in 3.7 seconds) and runs 245 miles per charge with the expected battery life of 7 years or 100,000 miles.

While earlier models were equipped with 2-spd manual transmission, later models have 1-speed gear box where reverse drive uses reverse direction of motor and speeds up to 15 mph.

The retail price is $109,000 (EUR 99,000outside the US)

Venturi Fetish

Venturi Fetish Electric ConvertibleVenturi Fetish produce by a in Monaco based company is the first electric convertible sport car to come into the market. Although not being a mass-production car, it definitely became a new benchmark in alternative fuel cars building. 250BHP, it speeds up to 100 mph mph (0-60mph in less than 4 seconds) and runs 250 km with a complete recharge in 1 hour. The retail price is $400,000 (EUR 300,000)

The Only Electric Hardtop Convertible: Fisker Karma Sunset

Fisker Karma Sunset Convertible2012 Fisker Karma Sunset Convertible produced is by Fisker Automotive is is the world’s first plug-in hardtop hybrid convertible on the market and one of the few electric hardtop convertible cars available. This plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan is manufactured at Valmet Automotive in Finland. Fisker Karma is driven by a pair of 120 kW 201-hp electric motors (400 BHP) powered by a 20 kWh lithium ion battery. Although the zero-emissions trip can last only 50 miles or even less, fuel consumption for one-hundred miles is promised to be one gallon. Speeds up to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds, 125 MPH top speed. The roof on predecessor model of Fisker Karma the convertible is based is equipped with solar panels what help with climate control and supply energy for additional 4-5 miles a week, which is significant taking into account its 50 mile capability per charge. Fisker Karma Sunset does not have this option. The eco-friendly interior is made of rescue-wood (trees that died during natural disasters). Currently, this drop top sportcar is late entering mass production. Expect the retail price about $120,000 (EUR 150,000).