Pros and Cons of Convertible Cars

Choosing a Convertible?
Convertibles are more expensive to service and repair!
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The list of pros and cons of convertible cars is quite long, especially the “cons”. However, it’s not to tell you out purchasing the car of your dream but just for you to know what to pay attention to when choosing a convertible car, what to watch out for. The “cons” apply not to all convertible models, each sentence would rather start as “many convertibles may have this problem…”. There are models that eliminate many of these points, you just need to know what to pay attention to. Also, many of the points are rather precautions you’ll have to keep in mind while using your convertible with the top down. You should probably mark down which ones are more important to your and choose models that eliminate these troubles.

Pros of convertible cars

The major pros listed by potential buyers and current owners are: * Amazing sense of freedom in the open air * Awesome views * Cool looks * Attractive for the opposite gender * Some people also point out that it’s not claustrophobic (for those who it may concern). * Locking the key the car with the top down is no problem. * Smaller weight

Cons of convertible cars

  • Most convertible cars are 2-door cars. 2 doors are sacrificed to rigidity of construction.
  • Small trunk space because of roof retraction construction. Some won’t even room golf equipment.
  • A convertible car won’t make a good family car, for obvious reasons: just 2 seats are not enough.
  • Not a perfect choice as a family car if you are panning to have or can afford just one car.
  • Not a good option for traveling with luggage, again because of trunk space issue. There may be situations when you’ll have to place and leave your bags on the back seat.
  • Reduced safety as compared with a solid-body car because of reduced general structural rigidity. A car with an immobile roof provides stronger protection and gives additional strength to be body in case of a crash. In case you upturn with the top open you’ll have your head right against the ground.
  • Poor aerodynamics
  • Reduced break-in protection. A car that is not enclosed from the outside is much easier to be robbed or stolen than the one than needs to break in first. Even if you leave a convertible with the roof pulled up, it’s still easier to get in. Which brings us to the nest point.
  • Attracts thieves. In addition, a convertible car suggests that the owner has some spare money. Which brings us to the nest point.
  • Higher insurance premiums.
  • Poor rear visibility because plastic windshields which get foggy and sometimes scratch very easily.
  • Increased repair expenses because of more complicated mechanics and electronics
  • Spoiled hair dress
  • Higher risk of roof leakage in bad weather. If nasty weather is common in your area choose hardtop convertible cars with a properly sealed top.
  • Noisy. Being enclosed in the cabin win the windows up protects your from what may turn out much more irritating than you expect - noise from outside.
  • Few people think of it, but an driving an open car may be associated with increased risks of wrinkles because of skin drying and skin cancer (in there is not sun protection from constant exposure to UV rays.
  • Easy access for bugs, a cigarette thrown by someone ahead may get into you car.
  • Extending the previous point, driving with a dropped roof exposes you to any flying parts, not just during during a crash but even from under the wheels on other vehicles.
  • Buying used convertibles may be tricky because the top construction may be quite worn, and that’s what you want in really good condition.
  • And the last (but nut least one if you think really well) - no protection from bird poo. Sounds funny? Not at all. Having your head, seats, lining or dashboard smacked all over is not a Christmas gift. Having it on a textile top is also quite annoying. And such things do happen. You should be raelly picky about parking spots when you top is unprotected.
Choosing a Convertible?
Convertibles are more expensive to service and repair!
Check your warranty options for FREE before you BUY!