Used Convertible Cars

Browsing used convertible cars for sale in the first place seems like a wise way to go if you are buying your first convertible, short of funds, not yet sure this kind of vehicle is what suits your current needs most, but still have it on you wish list. Among all used cars, convertibles are starting to win increasingly large share of the market, as more and more makers include them in their product lines.

Used convertible cars - are they a good deal?

Convertible used cars may have two disadvantages as compared with common used cars. First, fragile and complicated mechanism operating the retractable roof has already has a certain amount of wear in used hardtop convertible cars. The second disadvantage of used convertible cars is price, with all the same risks and problems as common cars. According to used convertible cars reviews, the most reliable, time-proven hardtop choices are Volkswagen Eos, BMW 3 Series, Volvo C70 and Mazda MX-5 Miata. I would recommend these as top used convertible cars for the time being. As the price on used convertibles depends on the age, you can find a 5-year-old Volkswagen Eos under $15000 or even less. This is the lowest price range for used convertible cars with hardtop. Most used convertible cars with hardtop for sale (from the above list, the same age) will fall into the range under $50000 to under $20000. Reliable used convertible cars with diesel engine available in the UK are Used BMW 6 Series, but be ready to pay at least £20,990.

Used convertible sports cars are usually soft-tops, which means that the roof is not so costly and complicated to fix once an breakage occurs. However, soft roof quickly wear out and the rear-view window becomes foggy. The good point about these is that they are actually cheap used convertible cars as compared with other convertibles - soft-tops are generally cheaper than hardtops, plus you avoid potential expenses on mechanic roof repairs (unless the warranty is still valid). Used convertible cars from Audi can be a good choice - their soft roofs are made of high quality materials and proved to be durable. However, they will cost more than soft-top Mazda MX-5 Miata - these used convertibles can be under $5000 or even $3000, the latter however, will most likely be made in 90-ies. If you need a convertible as a weekend car, maybe you’ll suffice yourself with a soft top.

Best used convertible cars

What are the best used convertible cars? The simplest answer is: those with as little hidden problems as possible for as little as possible low cost. However, hardtops under $10000 or even $5000 aren’t likely to be good used convertible cars - they will most certainly have a number of hidden problems that may cost you a fortune (or at least the difference with normal price). In addition to all common problem associated with used cars, cheap used convertible cars for sale may have serious troubles with the roof. Taking into account higher costs of used convertible cars, you should be particularly cautious when making such a purchase: car history report and inspection by a qualified mechanic are the two musts. Like all normal cars, convertible cars used on country roads or in regions with poor roadway covering, will be in worse condition, and it affects not just the suspension but also that costly mechanical retractable roof. For this reason, for beginners soft-top sportcars may be the best used convertibles - they are cheaper, not so heavy and have less parts to go out of whack.

Note!: Be particularly careful buying used convertible cars on eBay - you may get just anything from a clunker with a fake VIN to a fake car.